Pittsburgh Penguins Conquer COVID Concerns with Contactless Concessions

March 2020 is a month that will be difficult for anyone to forget for many reasons.  For those in the heart of Pittsburgh, it also meant the last time fans could watch a Penguins game live.

Fast forward to March 2nd, 2021. For the first time in a year, Penguins fans return to PPG Paints Arena, and excitement is in the air.  As the gates open, the fans rush in to a giant “Welcome Back Fans” message on the Jumbotron, and finally, a sense of normalcy has returned.

PPG Paints Arena welcomes back fans

With the smell of the Bavarian pretzels filling the air, fans visit the new “Walk Through Brew” contactless concessions experience. A new concept made possible by Mashgin’s Touchless Self-Checkout System.

Keeping Concessions Quick

Keeping concessions lines short, wait times low, and minimizing human contact are essential to the safety of both fans and arena employees.  With Mashgin, fans’ minds were put at ease.  

The Penguins launched 6 self-checkout locations on March 2 powered by Mashgin’s Touchless Self-Checkout System.  These sections offer a variety of small snacks, water, soda, and beer options. Mashgin identifies items using computer vision, so fan’s aren’t required to scan barcodes at all. Every item rings up at once, so transactions feel instantaneous and lines move quickly.

Fans use Mashgin for contactless concessions

The checkout process is simple. Fans IDs are checked as they walk through the gates of each location and select their preferred snacks and drinks. Then they simply place their items down on Mashgin’s tray and pay as fast as they can ready their credit/debit card or mobile wallet.  This new checkout experience has revolutionized concessions, while keeping the health and  safety of fans and employees as a main focus.

Mashgin's Touchless Checkout System scanning an item

Results That Both Fans and Arenas Love

The results of the Penguins choice to implement Mashgin speak for themselves.  With only 5,000 fans in attendance, the Penguins ran almost 1,000 transactions with an average transaction speed of only 26.29 seconds.  This allowed fans to quickly grab concessions and return to their seats to see the action.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 Sports reporter Ryan Recker was able to tour the facility and its exciting new features.  Recker reviewed his experience at the Arena and with David Morehouse, President and CEO here.

Overall, opening day at the PPG Paints Arena was a huge success all around.  The Penguins got a win, the fans were ecstatic to be back, everyone got to see more of the action. With that, a small sense of normalcy has finally returned.