“Walk Through Brews” Smooth Concessions for the Rockies

America’s favorite pastime is back. But this year stadiums and teams are trying to figure out how to bring the magic of opening day – the hot dogs, Cracker Jacks, beer, and high fives during a home run – while still keeping fans and staff safe. However, a challenge created by social distancing measures is the byproduct of long lines for not only entry, but also concessions. 

Enter Mashgin and the Walk Through Brew.

Rockies Fans using Walk Through Brew at Coors Field, powered by Mashgin
Rockies Fans at “Walk Thru Bru” in Coors Field, Powered by Mashgin

“I loved this at the Broncos, so glad it’s come over here too!”

-A devoted Colorado sports fan using Mashgin

Tackling Concessions During COVID-19

The Rockies launched three Walk Through Brew (WTB) locations powered by Mashgin’s Touchless Self-Checkout System. The WTB offers a variety of beers, chips, and other small snacks. Fans grab their items, place them on Mashgin’s tray, and pay – all without touching anything but their own food and form of payment.

Mashgin uses computer vision to instantly ring up everything on the tray, no need to fuss around with barcodes. With such quick transactions, the WTBs offer baseball fans the fastest way to grab their refreshments and get back to their seats without missing any action. 

So what happens when you add a WTB? You get amazing results and even happier fans. Let’s take a look at the Rockies’ Opening Weekend results to see. Opening Day started with a bang coming in around 275.3 transactions per hour with an average transaction speed of 27 seconds. And fans loved their ability to quickly get their beer and catch the action.

I love this! I was in line for 20 minutes at a different stand when some guys walked by and told us about this express station. Every stadium should have this!”

– Meredith, a Denver native
Rockies Fans using Mashgin at Coors Field
“How does it just know?!”

Familiar Fans Buy Faster

So what happens as fans get used to the solution? Speed and satisfaction increase, and the results continue to get better. Opening weekend ended with an average of 309 transactions per hour and an average transaction speed of just 24 seconds.

And those faster transactions mean way less time waiting in line for every fan. Even before the additional precautions around COVID, Mashgin doubled the throughput of concessions in stadiums. That means that fans wait in line half as long, and as a result they buy as much as 34% more concessions per game. Happier fans buy more food.

So here’s to baseball’s return and a season of Mashgin getting fans refreshed with speed, safety, and service.