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Cody Dales

Cody Dales is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in operations and customer success, currently serving as the Vice President of Operations at Mashgin. With a robust background in enhancing business processes and delivering exceptional customer experiences, Cody is dedicated to driving innovation and efficiency in retail technology.

A lumbering robot locks a bank vault full of private information

Ensuring Security in Speed: Mashgin AI Self-Checkout Passes GDPR Audit

If someone ran past me hollering that they’d just encountered a magical checkout machine at the local gas station, I’d like to think I’m not so gullible that I’d believe them. Yet, to hear of a real-life, super powerful artificial intelligence with vision so fast and so advanced that it could instantaneously pick out the tiniest differences between multiple objects on a three-dimensional checkout plane? Even though in our modern days of mega-mind large language models and GPTs, an AI differentiating between thousands of items in seconds seems like something straight out of science fiction, this “magic checkout” isn’t point-of-sale make-believe.

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