Mashgin Debuts at Wells Fargo Championship

At this year's Wells Fargo Championship, a little over thirty Mashgin kiosks hummed away at stations across the prestigious Quail Hollow Club. These state-of-the-art kiosks are engineered to streamline checkout service, significantly reducing wait times for guests lining up for food and drink, and allowing them to quickly get back to enjoying the event. By handling large volumes of transactions swiftly, Mashgin enables event staff to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing the overall guest experience and maintaining the high standards expected at such a notable event.

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Mashgin at Marvel Stadium

Mashgin Lands at Marvel Stadium

Marvel Stadium in Melbourne has joined the ranks of over 110 major-league sports venues worldwide to install Mashgin's AI-powered self-checkout kiosks. As the sports industry continues to embrace technological advancements, Mashgin has proven to be a game-changer, dramatically reducing wait times at concession stands, thereby enhancing fan satisfaction and simultaneously boosting venue revenue. With 26 new kiosks strategically positioned around the stadium, Mashgin's second location in Australia, fans can now enjoy quicker service and spend more time enjoying the game.

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Mashgin at SeaWorld

Mashgin and SeaWorld: A New Wave of Convenience

We are excited to announce a significant expansion of our footprint, with nearly forty Mashgin AI self-checkout kiosks now in use at SeaWorld parks in Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego, as well as at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This deployment is a key part of our initiative to revolutionize the guest experience at high-traffic venues. By utilizing our advanced AI technology, these kiosks dramatically reduce wait times, enabling guests to quickly grab their refreshments and merchandise and get back to enjoying their day. The integration of Mashgin kiosks not only streamlines operations but also allows park staff to focus on more critical tasks, enhancing overall service and guest interactions.

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Students check out the new Mashgin self-checkout kiosks at Cal State San Marcos

Mashgin Now Serving Students at Cal State San Marcos

Students at California State University, San Marcos hurrying between classes can now grab snacks or supplies on the go more quickly than ever, thanks to newly installed Mashgin kiosks. The machines, parked in the campus Crash's Market, offer a quick and efficient way for students to purchase their necessities. By simple placing their items down on the kiosk scanning area, students can quickly pay for everything from to-go meals and snacks to daily essentials, allowing them more time get on with their studies.

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Launch day at Chestnut Market

Mashgin Launches at C-Store with Most Ever Kiosks

We’re excited to share that shoppers at the new Chestnut Market on the Hutchinson River Parkway can now enjoy an even quicker checkout experience thanks to Mashgin AI self-checkout. Six of our kiosks are up and running at this location, the latest of seventy Chestnut Markets. With six kiosks, it's an essentially line-free checkout experience, designed to make your visit as efficient and pleasant as possible. Whether you’re popping in for a quick snack or stocking up for the week, Chestnut Market’s broad selection and our speedy checkouts make shopping a breeze.

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Fancy concessions.

Movie Theater Operators Have It Easy in This One Way

In an era where the streaming services' convenience beckons movie lovers to their couches, the cinema industry is undergoing a transformative phase to lure audiences back to the big screen. As detailed in a recent Wall Street Journal article, the architectural uniqueness of cinema buildings—with their sloped, concrete floors and large, windowless spaces—poses a significant challenge for property owners looking to repurpose these structures. Faced with rising construction costs, some landlords are opting to reduce rents to keep these spaces filled, highlighting the financial strain on the cinema sector.

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Out of focus shot from a convenience store interior

C-Stores Around the World: A Global Tapestry of Quick and Easy

In the fast-paced world we live in, convenience stores serve as lifelines for many, offering a range of services and products that cater to our immediate needs. These stores, often found at every other corner of busy streets, differ significantly from country to country, reflecting the unique culture, needs, and innovations of each place. Let's take a global tour to understand how convenience stores adapt and thrive in various parts of the world.

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A retro gas station

Beneath the Surface: The World of Gas Station Fuel Storage Tanks

Diving beneath the surface—quite literally—let's chat about an unsung hero of the gas station: the underground storage tank (UST). These subterranean vessels have a story to tell, one that's soaked in innovation, adaptation, and a dash of environmental consciousness.

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