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Mashgin AI Checkout at Hamline University

Mashgin Enhances Student Experience at Hamline University

We are excited to announce the installation of Mashgin AI self-checkout kiosks at Hamline University. This deployment,in the school's Leo's Corner market, represents Mashgin's ability to provide quick and efficient service even in smaller, close-knit communities. Hamline's unique environment is the sort of special setting where Mashgin can truly shine. These kiosks, operational 24/7, streamline the shopping experience with transaction times often under ten seconds, allowing students to grab their essentials and return to study without interruption quickly.

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Mashgin Launches at Miami University

Miami University Adopts Mashgin AI for Smoother Grab-and-Go

We are excited to announce the deployment of Mashgin at Miami University, helping to boost the campus grab-and-go experience. Mashgin is designed to streamline the checkout process, significantly cutting wait times for students and faculty. Thanks to Mashgin's speed and seamless integration with CBORD, students can quickly purchase meals, snacks, and sundries, allowing them to spend more time focusing on their studies and less time standing in lines.

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Students check out the new Mashgin self-checkout kiosks at Cal State San Marcos

Mashgin Now Serving Students at Cal State San Marcos

Students at California State University, San Marcos hurrying between classes can now grab snacks or supplies on the go more quickly than ever, thanks to newly installed Mashgin kiosks. The machines, parked in the campus Crash's Market, offer a quick and efficient way for students to purchase their necessities. By simple placing their items down on the kiosk scanning area, students can quickly pay for everything from to-go meals and snacks to daily essentials, allowing them more time get on with their studies.

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