Mashgin Launches at C-Store with Most Ever Kiosks

Launch day at Chestnut Market

We’re excited to share that shoppers at the new Chestnut Market on the Hutchinson River Parkway can now enjoy an even quicker checkout experience thanks to Mashgin AI self-checkout. Six of our kiosks are up and running at this location, the latest of seventy Chestnut Markets. With six kiosks, it's an essentially line-free checkout experience, designed to make your visit as efficient and pleasant as possible. Whether you’re popping in for a quick snack or stocking up for the week, Chestnut Market’s broad selection and our speedy checkouts make shopping a breeze.

(Video Courtesy John Lucey, Sr. Field Marketing Advisor at ExxonMobil)

Chestnut Market burst onto the scene in 2020. Today, it boasts over 70 stores, each uniquely stocked to meet the needs of its local community. From fresh sandwiches and yogurt to its exclusive Lotta Java coffee—locally roasted from premium global beans—Chestnut Market's selection is designed to delight. Plus, with co-branded stores featuring Dunkin Donuts and strong supplier relationships, its shelves are always full and fresh.

Three Mashgin kiosks lined up at Chestnut Market.

Mashgin's AI self-checkout systems are a game-changer, speeding up transactions by as much as 400% compared to traditional self-checkout. This efficiency has led to 67% shorter lines at Delek US and a 125% revenue boost at UT Austin's Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium after integrating our technology. Now, with Mashgin kiosks enhancing over 4,000 locations worldwide, we ensure a smoother, stress-free shopping experience, no matter how busy your day gets.