Sports Stadium Checkout: The Honda Center Experience

Honda Center, home of the Anaheim Ducks, in scenic Orange County, California.

In an era where convenience and speed are paramount, sports stadiums worldwide are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance the fan experience. The Honda Center, a premier sports and entertainment venue in the United States, home to the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League, has set a new standard in this domain. Faced with the challenge of labor shortages, the Honda Center turned to technology for a solution, specifically to Mashgin's cutting-edge sports stadium checkout solutions. This decision not only transformed their concessions experience but also showcased the potential of technology to revolutionize service delivery in large venues.

The Challenge: Enhancing Concessions Amidst Labor Shortages

The Honda Center, opened in 1993 and owned by the City of Anaheim, has been a beacon of entertainment and sports. However, like many venues, it faced significant hurdles due to labor shortages. The risk of deteriorating service quality at concessions was real, potentially impacting the overall fan experience. Recognizing the need for change, the Honda Center sought a solution that could alleviate these pressures without compromising on service quality.

The Solution: Implementing Mashgin's Autonomous Checkout

The introduction of Mashgin's autonomous checkout systems was a game-changer for the Honda Center. Mashgin, known for its speed and efficiency, offered a seamless checkout experience that dramatically reduced wait times at concessions. Angela Leu, Vice President of F&B Finance & Business Insights at Honda Center, praised the system's simplicity and the responsive support from Mashgin's team. The deployment of two Mashgin units at an underperforming grab-and-go location not only halved the required staff but also demonstrated significant labor savings within the first month.

Immediate Results and Expansion

The initial success of Mashgin's checkout solutions was evident. Not only did the Honda Center witness substantial labor cost reductions, but the fan experience also improved markedly. Angela Leu shared an unexpected surprise: sales in October 2021 at the pilot location surpassed the entire 2019 season's sales. This immediate impact led to the decision to order seven additional Mashgin units, planning to reconfigure more locations within the venue to incorporate this technology.

On-Site Support and Operational Efficiency

Mashgin's commitment to ensuring operational efficiency extends beyond the installation of their machines. The team provides on-site support to address any issues promptly, ensuring that the checkout process remains smooth for every event. This level of support has been crucial for the Honda Center, enabling them to maintain high standards of service during their approximately 130 events per year.

The Technology Behind the Success

Jackie Slope, Honda Center’s VP of Technology, highlighted the speed, accuracy, and ease of setup of Mashgin's technology. The integration into the Honda Center's tech stack was seamless, allowing the venue to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in enhancing fan experiences. This partnership has not only solved the immediate problem of labor shortages but has also positioned the Honda Center as a leader in adopting innovative solutions to improve service delivery.

Looking Forward: The Future of Sports Stadium Checkout Solutions

The success story of the Honda Center and Mashgin is a testament to the transformative potential of autonomous checkout solutions in sports stadiums. By significantly reducing wait times, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing the overall fan experience, this technology presents a viable solution to the challenges faced by many large venues today. As stadiums and arenas worldwide strive to meet the evolving expectations of their patrons, the adoption of such technologies will likely become more widespread.


The collaboration between the Honda Center and Mashgin illustrates the power of innovation in overcoming operational challenges. The significant improvements in labor savings, sales performance, and customer satisfaction underscore the value of integrating advanced checkout solutions in sports stadiums. As the industry moves forward, the Honda Center's experience serves as a benchmark for others, demonstrating how technology can not only address immediate challenges but also significantly enhance the fan experience. In the rapidly evolving landscape of sports and entertainment venues, embracing such sports stadium checkout solutions is not just an option; it's becoming a necessity for staying competitive and ensuring fans leave with positive, lasting impressions.

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